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Introduction Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation


Books & Reading

Books & Reading

Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation

Dealing with Segregation

Uncle Sam, the word spy, wants you to take a minute and test your knowledge.

Match the word(s) in the left-hand column to complete the questions or statements in the right-hand column. Check your answers.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 A. Who challenged the segregation of public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama?
De jure B. A landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court that said school segregation was illegal
Voting Rights Act of 1965 C. Prohibited discrimination because of race, gender, religion or national origin
Rosa Parks D. Segregation that exists in practice or custom
Brown v. Board of Education E. Segregation by law
Sit-ins F. Protests in which African-Americans sat down at segregated lunch counters and refused to leave in violation of the law
De facto segregation G. Eliminated literacy tests and allowed for federal oversight of local electoral officials

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A court decision banning segregation was made as early as 1855? Also, many blacks settled in Kansas after the Civil War to escape the Jim Crow laws and continuing acts of violence against them in southern states. Kansas offered much less racial prejudice. In fact, majority opinion favored the education of blacks.

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