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The Constitution of the United States


Print this multiple-choice quiz and pick the best choice that answers each question.

1) The introduction to the Constitution is called the:

a) Amendment
b) Article
c) Summary
d) Preamble

2) Which Article in the Constitution would allow for someone to be tried for treason?

a) Article I
b) Article III
c) Article V

3) Which Article makes it clear that you have the same rights as someone in another state?

a) Article II
b) Article IV
c) Article VI

4) Which Article guarantees you a trial by jury?

a) Article I
b) Article III
c) Article VI

5) Which Article allows for the Constitution to be changed?

a) Article III
b) Article V
c) Article VII

6) Which Amendment allows you to practice your choice of religion without fear of persecution?

a) First Amendment (I)
b) Sixteenth Amendment (XVI)
c) Twenty-third (XXIII)

7) Which Amendment protects newspaper reporters and editors from angry politicians?

a) First Amendment (I)
b) Second Amendment (II)
c) Fifth Amendment (V)

8) Which Amendment gives you the right to have guns?

a) First Amendment (I)
b) Second Amendment (II)
c) Tenth Amendment (X)

9) Which Amendment allows the government to charge you income tax?

a) Tenth Amendment (X)
b) Twenty-fifth Amendment (XXV)
c) Sixteenth (XVI)

10) Which Amendment made it clear that slavery would not be tolerated in the United States?

a) Seventh (VII)
b) Thirteenth (XIII)
c) Twenty-second (XXII)

11) A peaceful Million Mothers March is being planned for Washington D.C. Which amendment allows this to happen?

a) First Amendment (I)
b) Thirteenth Amendment (XIII)
c) Eighteenth Amendment (XVIII)

12) Which amendment allows the President only two terms in office?

a) Fourteenth (XIV)
b) Twentieth (XX)
c) Twenty-second (XXII)

13) Which amendment allows your Dad to have a beer if he wishes to?

a) Eleventh (XI)
b) Eighteenth (XVIII)
c) Twenty-first (XXI)

14) Which Amendment says that a police officer must have a search warrant in order to search your home.

a) Second Amendment (II)
b) Fourth Amendment (IV)
c) Ninth Amendment (IX)

15) Which Amendment allows for both men and women the right to vote?

a) Sixth Amendment (VI)
b) Nineteenth Amendment (XIX)
c) Twenty-sixth (XxVI)

16) Blacks, Whites, Asians, and American Indians have the right to vote because of which amendment?

a) Seventh (VII)
b) Thirteenth (XIII)
c) Fifteenth (XV)

17) The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called the:

a) Negative Terms
b) Bills of Provision
c) List of King George's Wrongs
d) Bill of Rights

18) During the Revolutionary War, the British government made people keep soldiers in their homes. Which amendment made it clear that this was not allowed?

a) Amendment Two (II)
b) Amendment Three (III)
c) Amendment Four (IV)

19) Which amendment points out that the people have more rights that what the Constitution says specifically?

a) Four and Five
b) Nine and Ten
c) Twenty and Twenty-one

20) Which Amendment allows senators to be elected by the people?

a) Sixth (VI)
b) Twenty-four (XXIV)
c) (Seventeenth (XVII)