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Brown v. Board of Education

All of the following relate to Brown v. Board of Education, desegregation, or civil rights.


Print this matching quiz and match the correct words or phrases.

  1. Group that sued to end segregated schools.
  2. Slang for segregation laws.
  3. City in which Brown v. Board of Education was filed.
  4. Policy of imposing separation of the races.
  5. Highest court in the United State of America.
  6. First African American to be appointed to the Supreme Court.
  7. Case the established separate but equal.
  8. The person who sues in court.
  9. To desegregate.
  10. Segregated school attended by students in Topeka, Kansas.
  11. Lawyers famous from Topeka in Brown case.
_____ Plessy v. Ferguson _____ Charles, Elijah, & John Scott

_____ Thurgood Marshall _____ Supreme Court

_____ Integrate _____ Segregation

_____Topeka _____ Plaintiff

_____ Monroe _____ Earl Warren

_____ Jim Crow _____ NAACP