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Books & Reading

Books & Reading

The Presidency of the United States


Impeachment President and Congress The President President's Job, Part I President's Job, Part II President's Cabinet President Has Fun

The President's Job, Part II

The Decision to Drop the Bomb
WebQuest - Imagine it is 1945 and World War II has just come to a conclusion. Just before the end of the War, the Atomic Bomb was dropped on and Nagasaki. Many wonder whether dropping the bomb was necessary but others think it was in order to limit the amount of Allied casualties and bring the long arduous war to an end. A community in California is getting together to discuss the reason for dropping the bomb. Four teams of people representing a Japanese citizen, President Truman's advisor, the Secretary of Defense, and a nuclear physicist will congregate to debate this controversial issue. Your role as one of these people is to research your particular point of view and decide whether dropping the Atomic Bomb was necessary or not.

Foreign Policy and Defense

Self-check quiz

Foreign Policy and Defense

Interactive crossword puzzle

Help Wanted
What characteristics should a good candidate for president possess?
What schooling and work experience are required? What are the demands of the job? Use the printable worksheet to write help wanted ads that describe the position of president of the United States.

President for a Day
Lesson Plan - Learn general information about the duties of the president of the United States. Create a schedule for one day as president. If you were president of the United States for a day, what would you do and what would your day be like?

The President Has Many Roles
Hands-on presidential activity.

Presidential Powers
Lesson Plan - Study the section of the Constitution that refers to the executive branch and write a proposal for a new power for the president of the United States.

The President's Seal: A Symbol of Presidential Roles
The seal of the president contains objets that represent some of the president's roles. Explore the symbols on the seal, color the seal, and create a new presidential seal. Click on "The Presidential Seal."

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President Gerald Ford once worked washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen to make ends meet.

Surf with Uncle Sam
Surf with Uncle Sam

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Word Spy

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