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Introduction What is Citizenship? What Does It Take to Be a U.S. Citizen? Becoming a Citizen Alone We Are Free! Creating a Community Acting Like a Citizen The Matching Game Power for the People Civil Yet Disobedient Is This Civil Disobedience or Isn't It? Demonstrating an Opinion Citizens' Rights Balancing the Scales More Scales to Balance


Books & Reading

Books & Reading


Obama Inaugural Address


What is Citizenship? Attitudes and Actions Responsible Citizenship Communicating Keeping Freedom What Do You Think?

Civil Yet Disobedient

Andrew Jackson: King Mob or Champion of American Democracy?
Lesson Plan and Activities - Explore the inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1828 and identify the ways Jackson's election signaled important changes in the American political landscape.

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Originally Inauguration Day was held on March 4, giving the next administration enough time to get up and running. But in 1933, with the country facing a huge economic crisis, the four months in between Election Day and Inauguration Day seemed too long. The 20th Amendment was ratified on January 23, 1933, fixing Inauguration Day as January 20.

Surf with Uncle Sam
Surf with Uncle Sam

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