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Suffrage Movement - 2

Choose the correct answer for each question. Check your answers by clicking on the "Well...How Did I Do?" button at the end of the quiz.

1. What was the "most radical demand" made by women at the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848?

a) A call for education to be made available to all women.
b) A call for giving women separate legal status from their fathers or husbands.
c) Women getting the right to vote.

2. The campaign for suffrage consisted of a small group of women.


3. Women's domestic role was never mentioned in the suffrage campaign.


4. Women's special qualities identified during the suffrage campaign were:

a) Moral arbiters of society, keepers of cultural tradition, and nurturers of children.
b) Pretty, soft, and meek
c) Intellectually superior to men, courageous, and bold.

5. What were the suffrage campaign colors?

a) Red, white, and blue
b) White, purple, and gold
c) Pink, white, and yellow

6. What was the suffrage campaign flower?

a) Sunflower
b) Rose
c) Tulip

7. What allegorical figure was often used in the suffrage campaign?

a) Women of justice
b) Female figure representing love
c) Herald/angel

8. Who was the Patron Saint most widely used in the suffrage movement?

a) Mother Theresa
b) Hildegard of Bingen
c) Joan of Arc

9. Why were some suffragists jailed?

a) For picketing the White House
b) For parading without a license
c) For unlady-like behavior

10. Babies were used in suffrage campaigns because:

a) They were cute
b) Babies wanted the vote
c) Children were appealing and inoffensive

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