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What Attitudes & Actions Lead to Responsible Citizenship? Uncle Sam Wants Out!



Becoming a Citizen by John Hamilton

Becoming a Citizen by Sarah E. De Capua



Uncle Same Wants Out!



Uncle Sam wants to find his way out of the maze below.  Help Uncle Sam get out by finding the attitudes and actions that lead to responsible citizenship. 

Complete the attached worksheet by entering the numbers in ascending order from start to finish in the text boxes provided.

Maze Graphic


Software Requirement: Acrobat Reader 8 [Download Here]

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One of the top 10 reasons people apply for U.S. citizenship is to be able to sponsor family members so they can obtain green cards and legally immigrate to the United States.


Learning Booth: Becoming a Citizen


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Pocket Declaration of Independence & the Constitution of the United States (PDF File)


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What is Citizenship? Attitudes and Actions