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What Attitudes & Actions Lead to Responsible Citizenship? Uncle Sam Wants Out!



Becoming a Citizen by John Hamilton

Becoming a Citizen by Sarah E. De Capua



What Attitudes & Actions Lead to Responsible Citizenship?

"We uniformly applaud what is right and condemn what is wrong when it costs us nothing but the sentiment."

William Hazlitt, 1823



Now it's time to dip deeper!  Actions and attitudes form the basic concepts of responsible citizenship.  Some of these include helpfulness, involvement, respect, and responsibility. 

Understanding how your values and attitudes influence your views as a citizen can be difficult.  In this section you will become aware of your actions, attitudes, beliefs, and values maybe for the first time.  So be prepared to experience changes in yourself! 


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One of the top 10 reasons people apply for U.S. citizenship is to be able to sponsor family members so they can obtain green cards and legally immigrate to the United States.


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What is Citizenship? Attitudes and Actions