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Sacagawea – Famous Guide and Translator

Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian and she became famous as a guide and translator on the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Sacagawea was the only woman on the expedition, and she helped men by teaching them about the land she knew and translating their words to the Indians.  Sacagawea carried her baby son on her back as she guided the men to the Pacific Ocean.

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In July, 1998, Treasury Secretary Rubin announced the choice of Sacagawea for the new dollar coin, to replace the Susan B. Anthony coin.

Reaction to the choice has not always been positive. Rep. Michael N. Castle of Delaware organized to try to replace Sacagawea's image with that of the Statue of Liberty, on the grounds that the dollar coin should have something or someone more easily recognized than Sacagawea.

Ironically, the picture on the dollar coin is not really a picture of Sacagawea, for the simple reason that no known likeness exists of her. Little is known of her life, either, other than her brief brush with fame as a guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, exploring the American West in 1804-1806.


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