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What Can I Do?

One of America's most famous "private citizens," Ralph Nader, once said, "There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.  If we do not exercise our civic rights, who will?  If we do not perform our civic duties, who can?  The fiber of a just society in pursuit of happiness is a thinking active citizenry.  That means you."

When you hear someone talking about being a good public citizen, probably one of the first things you think about is exercising the right to vote.  Many of you are too young to vote, so what can you do?  You can obey all the laws that have been made by the lawmakers elected to office.  Writing letters to your lawmakers to express your views on public issues is also a good idea.  You can read newspapers and magazines and watch or listen to news reports to help keep you informed on matters that concern all Americans.

There are many things you can do to become more actively involved in our democracy. On the attached worksheet list at least five additional things in the text box provided you can do to be called a good citizen.

After completing the attached worksheet, share your ideas with your teacher and classmates.


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An involved citizenry is a necessary prerequisite to a vital democracy. People who are informed and who become engaged as active citizens will continue to be involved throughout their lifetimes.

*Citizenship section select ideas derived from Citizenship, Learning to Live as Responsible Citizens, published by Good Apple, Inc.

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