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What is Responsible Citizenship?

The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight."


Theodore Roosevelt, 1902

Now it is time to learn the difference between responsible citizenship and poor citizenship. One of the activities in this section - What's Wrong With This Picture - compares what four people say about responsible citizenship to what they actually do. This activity will help you decide for yourself how much commitment is necessary to be a responsible citizen.

This section challenges you to determine for yourself how to act in order to be a responsible citizen. You will develop standards for your own behavior through these activities. You will have the opportunity to conduct a search for the ideal citizen. At the end of this section, you will have a chance to describe what responsible citizenship means to you.

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Being a citizen of America entitles you to certain inalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Being born in America automatically gives you these rights and many more, and most importantly, you become a citizen. With citizenship comes responsibility such as obeying the law and paying taxes.

*Citizenship section select ideas derived from Citizenship, Learning to Live as Responsible Citizens, published by Good Apple, Inc.

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