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Responsible Citizenship in Action

Read the following selection from a newspaper article and enter your answers to the related questions on the attached worksheet in the text boxes provided.

Newspaper Article Selection:

"A young man in his late 20s, Mr. Katcher, was walking to his neighborhood grocery store and witnessed a mugging.  Two men grabbed a woman's purse and ran up the street he was walking down.  Mr. Katcher chased after them, grabbed and held them, got the woman's purse back, tied their hands behind their backs, and took them to the police."

After completing the attached worksheet, discuss your answers with your teacher and classmates.


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Responsible citizenship cannot just be about the jobs we do - paid or unpaid. Responsible citizenship is more than this. Responsible citizenship should be evident in everything we do and say. We should all strive to be good citizens in our words and actions - smiling at people in the street and thanking the store clerk as he or she hands us our change are both small examples of how we can be better citizens. Above all, responsible citizenship is about putting the needs of the community and the needs of others above oneself's own preferences.

*Citizenship section select ideas derived from Citizenship, Learning to Live as Responsible Citizens, published by Good Apple, Inc.

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